Samantha Drew | Part I

Somehow we kept in contact here and there via email and Facebook, and once I heard she was traveling back to South Beach for castings I knew I had to approach her and squeeze in a photoshoot. Since she was here doing casting after casting, there were no certainty as far as locking in a specific hour and forget about securing a day! Once I heard we might (underline might) be able to shoot for an hour or so on Sunday I managed to call my go-to crew in order to secure Hair & MakeUp, Lights and Video. So… two days before Sunday I have my full crew hanging on a possibility to get a shoot. Saturday came and I learned Sam was called into a casting that Sunday morning for a show that same evening… yes the evening I had the whole crew ready to shoot! Yeah, it was not looking good boys. I had to start calling each and every one and basically say that it isn’t fair for me to ask them to hang tight knowing that Sam will more than likely book this show and our shoot will be cancelled. Sunday morning came by and not only did Sam not know if they were going to call her to do this show, but the weather was terrible. I mean rain, lighting, thundering kind of horrible.


None-the-less Sam and I kept texting back and forth trying to see if we could make this work and around 4:30 I decided to drive down to South Beach, inspired but not knowing if she’ll do a show that evening and risk a drive for nothing. As I drove my car full of gear, through the copious rain, and no team whatsoever, I began wondering what in the world is wrong with me. I mean, obviously this was not meant to work out, and at this point I’m just wasting gas between Boca Raton and South Beach. Literally after I park at the Convention Center, Sam texted me that she was not doing the show AND it turned out the Sun had made its first appearance in the day AND we decided to go to Pier Park and just shoot away. That’s right. No stylist, no off-camera flash, no reflectors no nothing. Just a gorgeous window, Sam’s beautiful attitude and my 580EX flash on my 5Dm2 camera. You know what? It was all we needed… and more.


As you can probably tell, the look we were going for was girl-next-door, sunny, youthful look. I think we can all agree Sam nailed it 100%, don’t you think?


As the sun decided to hide away, and therefore our shooting was about to come to a close, we knew we could squeeze in one more idea. When I looked around and saw a bike rental stand for beach cruisers, I knew exactly what to do… rent a bike and have some fun!!! After a looooong day of work for Sam and a hectic day for me, this was the perfect finale for our photoshoot. In fact I think these last few shots even have a postcard/billboard ring to them.


In short, this was an amazing experience. The stars weren’t aligning in the begining, but I tell you this was one of my fav shoots this Summer and I wouldn’t have trade it for anything. Stay tuned for the part II of my time with Sam in which we will showcase some of her most popular portfolio shots and an delighful laid-back interview we recorded as we were drinking some coffee (me) and tea (her) after our shoot. Thank you Samantha for being such a beautiful person both inside and out, and thank you for staying true to your roots and grounded in who you are as a daughter, professional model, and as a friend.

– arturo

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