Samantha Drew | Part II

This sequel is to Samantha Drew | Part I and shows the two sides of Samantha.   In the video/slideshow you’re about to watch you can see the wide range of looks showcased by Samantha, and yet within all those images you will also perceive the same emotions evoked by the photo on top of the page.

What’s my personal take? Samantha is an artist at heart.  She can work, and work hard, to fulfill an assignment, a vision or an expectation. The real art is not in what she performs, but in how she does it.  Sam has found the way to excel in her field without compromising her values, roots or her dreams.

Check out the video and feel free to spread the word and let everyone know of Samantha Drew, her work and art.

note: you might want to wait ’til the full HD 720p video fully loads before playing


– arturo


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